weather underground

'one group supported the view that the time for action is now and that weatherman should proceed to implement their underground strategy of strategic sabotage by using bombs, explosives and guns to attack the establishment and in particular police and military installations'
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political statement of the weather underground / september 13, 1971 / a base from which to attack / dope / black liberation army / action / time is on the side of / 1970 and 1972 / chicago police cars / revolutionary war / remains before us / 1968 / black power / anti-personnel weapons / new / counterrevolutionary / special / air war / pig / liberated space / youth / 1972 final offensive / thirteen years / volunteer / attacks on liberated zones / crazy horse / none but jesus / noone will take me back alive / north star / cheyenne / communists / nothing / the special methods developed by the cia / death / harder to sell / jonathan jackson / el norte / 1974
june 18, 1969 / international revolution / us imperialism / people's war / people ask / soviet / revolutionary struggles in the united states / jet / tele / fight for world communism / north / front for new / kid / no two / overthrow / watts 1965 / heavy / deterioration / winning for everyone / the revolutionary youth movement / sds / potential for revolutionary consciousness / reaction against the army / burn down the schools / mao, che, the panthers / war against the nazis / napalm burning through everything we had heard this country stood for / kids begin to ask questions: where is the free world – and who do the pigs protect at home / don’t follow leaders / plastic now / two and a half million soldiers under thirty who are forced to police the world, kill and be killed in wars of imperialist domination / material base for struggle / a new dodge challenger / this summer / people need a park / armed self-defense and a line / seizing state power / open them up and shut them down / revolutionary women's movement action project / doing it / the pigs are the capitalist state / come down
on people in / around dope / as an abstract principle / political power comes out of the barrel of a gun / anti-pig self-defense off of them / maximum active participation / the need for armed struggle / one division of the international red army

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undated material
\f0\fs28 \cf0 8/20/76\
weather underground\
students for a democratic society (sds)\
is-sds, during the period from 11/5/67 through 5/70 and 4/1/71 and 8/72\
los angeles\
new york\
st. louis\
san francisco\
cg 100-40903\
hard intelligence\
cg 100-40903\
brigade (vb)\
cg 100-40903\
cg 100-40903\
cg t-14\
cg 100-40903\
cg t-31\
cg t-32\
cg 100-40903\
cg t-46\
cg t-50\
cg 100-40903\
lg t-62\
cg 100-40903\
cg t-88\
cg t-101\
cg t-104\
cg 100-40903\
cg t-108\
cg t-110\
cg t-118\
cg 100-40903\
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cg t-150\
cg 100-40903\
cg t-162\
cg t-169\
cg 100-40903\
cg t-184\
cg t-188\
cg100-40903-sub c,192\
cg t-18\
cg100-44398-158 p.6,7\
phreport sds 12/18/68\
cireport sds 1/3/69\
columbus, ohio (request-volunteered info)\
detroit lhm sds 3/13/69\
detroit, michigan\
cg t-31\
wfo report sds 3/31/69\
capitol police, washington, d.c.\
cg t-32\
chicago report sds 8/8/69\
operations and research\
department u.s. army, europe\
instant lhm\
san diego, california\
cg t-46\
ny 100-162256-19\
cg 100-48905-13\
cg t-50\
local board, selective service\
system, brookline, mass.\
cg t-62\
passport office, u.s. dept. of state, washington, d.c.\
cg t-68\
ins, portland, maine\
plainfield, vermont\
bulet to ny 12/19/69, ny100-159513\
cg t-88\
cg t-101\
cg t-108\
u.s. army intelligence\
cg t-110\
alcohol, tobacco and firearms, u.s. treasury dept. burlington, vermont\
new hampshire\
cg t-118\
cg t-120\
american embassy\
cg 100-47954-40\
ann arbor, michigan\
dallas, texas (request)\
cg t-162\
us ins\
al 100-21533-85\
marshfield, vermont\
cg t-169\
u.s. naval investigative service\
new york (request)\
pd 100-12705-24\
sources whose identities are concealed herein have furnished reliable information in the past except where otherwise noted\
armed struggle\
look for the person who fight hardest against the cops . . . don’t look for the one who says the best thing. look for the one who fights\
direct combat with police\
june, 1969\
“you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows”\
weather underground\
chicago, illinois\
cleveland, ohio\
national action\
days of rage\
september 4, 1969\
pittsburgh 26\
antiriot act trial\
october 8-11, 1969\
days of rage riots\
december 6, 1969\
the killing of black panther party (bpp) leaders mark clark and fred hampton on december 4, 1969 by chicago police\
december 27-31, 1969\
war council\
flint, michigan\
february, 1970\
sds national\
march 6, 1970\
detroit, michigan\
bomb factory\
new york\
weapons cache\
april 2, 1970\
federal grand jury\
may 21, 1970\
declaration of a state of war\
december, 1970\
july, 1974\
prairie fire\
july 11-13, 1975\
seize state power\
students for a democratic society\
world centers of revolution, havana, peking and hanoi\
the destruction of u.s. imperialism\
you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows\
prairie fire\
politics in command\
armed struggle is the ultimate necessity of the political revolutionary which must be used in order to seize state power and defeat u.s. imperialism\
1969 to 1976\
two, three, many vietnams\
a single spark can start a prairie fire\
revolutionary youth movement II\
actions against the state apparatus\
long live the victory of people’s war\
american revolution\
international revolutionary vanguard\
black liberation struggle\
the revolutionary youth movement\
reaction against the pigs or teachers in the schools, welfare pigs or the army\
the legitimacy of the state is called into question\
desert from the army and burn down the schools\
revolutionary youth movement\
this summer\
revolutionary war\
(clandestine) organization of revolutionaries, having also a unified “general staff”\
centralized organization of revolutionaries must be a political organization as well as military\
the main conditions for winning\
violent and illegal struggle\
international liberation army\
political statement of the weather underground\
revolutionary violence is necessary\
build a new society\
the death of che in bolivia in 1967\
the cities\
armed struggle cannot become a spectacle\
we use all the weapons available to us\
a movement has no reason to exist if it doesn’t fight\
the system needs to be overthrown\
armed struggle to defeat the oppressive forces of state\
subterranean homesick blues\
you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows\
slowly cool\
our class stand\
september 2, 1975\
winter, 1975-76\
(sla), dohrn\
armed struggle is an inevitable consequence of the violence of imperialism\
the whole apparatus of official force and violence serves the interests of the capitalist class, by enforcing the brutal combat of daily life in class society\
armed struggle is necessary to overturn it\
the people who suffer under these conditions and those who join them have a right and a duty to take up arms against us imperialism\
fighters will rise up against it\
the necessity of violent revolution\
power concedes nothing without a demand\
revolutionary violence will bring about the new society\
the oppressed peoples and the working class have a right and obligation to develop armed struggle as a means to liberation\
us radicals\
the creation of a single world economy regulated by the proletariat of all nations as an integral whole and according to a common plan\
humanity comes before one’s own country\
che’s call for two, three, many vietnams includes a call for the creation of a vietnam within the very boundaries of the imperialist mother country: the united states\
hearings before the subcommittee to investigate the administration of the internal security act and other internal security laws of the committee of the judiciary, united states senate, ninety-first congress, second session, part 4, june 10, 1970\
national action\
fall of 1969\
bring the war home\
that’s going to win\
cleveland, ohio\
can’t even hold together white people\
we are in the middle of a world war, escalating and opening new fronts every day\
mark rudd, fugitive leader of america’s violent left, visited cuba in february and march of 1968 with 20 other activists of the students for a democratic society\
two months later, with rudd at the helm, columbia university was reduced to chaos\
bernardine dohrn, mini-skirted weatherwoman and 30 fellow activists, met with vietnamese communists in havana in july, 1969\
three months later, with the fiery bernardine in command, a shocked chicago watched as several hundred ultra-radical weathermen staged a wild, window-smashing rampage, which they called ‘four days of rage’ in protest against the vietnam war\
bring down the american system\
american new left\
starry-eyed teenagers\
brothers and sisters\
action is what it’s all about\
the american scene\
part of the action is killing policemen\
during the last 18 months there has been a spectacular increase in the number of politically motivated police slaying and bombings\
at least 20 policemen have been killed and 100 wounded in apparently unprovoked attacks\
gunned down without warning\
6 e 67th st\
austin, tex., in march, 1969\
embassy to the viet cong\
the trips\
keyes beech\
guerilla warfare as codified by de bray was realizable\
action-oriented confrontations with the state\
guerilla action was the answer\
party democracy is abolished in favor of military discipline\
constant vigilance, constant mistrust, constant mobility\
under present conditions the most important form of propaganda is successful military action\
scanlans magazine of january 1971\
suppressed issue: guerrilla war in the usa\
the 1965-1970 period\
1391 specific acts of violence happened during this period from a low of 15 in 1965 to the high of 546 in 1970\
85 against the government, 248 against corporations, 192 against high schools, 62 against homes, 280 against colleges, 101 against the military and 423 against police\
action, not theory, is the proper vehicle through which revolution is realized; that revolutionary conditions presently exist in america; that youth, not the working class, will play the vanguard role in the revolution\
unity between black and white youth\
blacks must carry out their struggle alone\
totally dedicated to the destruction of american society\
countryside of the world\
mao tse-tung influence on sds factions at the june, 1969, national convention\
new york city region\
west coast\
the question of the role of black americans in the revolutionary processes in this country\
black secession from the united states\
the black panther party (bpp) constituted the main force for revolution among the american workers and that all possible should be done to assist the panthers in their “nationalist struggle”\
socialist revolution through the vehicle of armed struggle against tthe power structure of united states capitalism\
november, 1967\
bratislava, czechoslovakia, september, 1967\
phnom phen, cambodia, november, 1967\
havana, cuba, january/february, 1968\
havana, cuba, july/august, 1968\
budapest, hungary, september, 1968\
havana, cuba, july, 1969\
contacts with the cmun, 1968-1969\
influence of china\
other international contacts\
september 1, 1967\
‘liberated’ zones and ‘occupied’ zones\
the new political program of the front unleashed september 3, 1967, presents a picture of a society in which every social element outside the direct interests of the saigon government has become mobilized against the american occupation\
the experiences of the youth\
the bombing had become so heavy that any travel outside hanoi would be extremely dangerous, especially for those untrained in self-defense\
the harder this country makes it for people to free themselves, the more “military” will be the revolution\
february 19,1968\
march 6, 1968\
a brother of theirs on the lower east side has a publication called “guerrilla” – the theme of the most recent issue being that “youth will make the revolution and youth will keep it”\
movement to try to change the society\
a guide told them that everyone wants to be trained. those who do not are the counterrevolutionaries and most of them are leaving cuba. they look upon military training as desirable in that it will happen while they are in school and they will not have to interrupt their life later on. it is part of their daily life that they must know how to defend themselves. they are in a sense a paranoid nation, but with good reason, with the united states only 90 miles away.\
columbia university student strike\
april, 1968, new york city, new york\
the new sds tactic of disruptive confrontation\
institute of defensive analysis\
“confrontation politics puts the enemy up against the wall and forces him to define himself. in addition, it puts the individual up against the wall. he has to make a choice. radicalization of the individual means that he must commit himself to the struggle to change society as well as share the radical view of what is wrong with society.”\
april 23, 1968\
“when one professor on the third day of the takevoers asked rudd whether he really wanted to destroy the university — ‘doesn’t the university have any redeeming features that merit your saving it?’ — the sds chairman was at a loss for an answer: he hadn’t really thought about what he really wanted out of the university . . . but during the next days and weeks . . . it became clear to many sdsers in a very direct way that it was not the reform of the university that they really wanted, not the limiting of complicity (between government and university) not the restructuring of the evil complex, but something much vaster, more significant, more, well, revolutionary . . . by commencement time neither rudd nor more most of the other sdsers had much doubt about how to answer the question of the university’s “redeeming features”. the seeds of weatherman are planted here.”\
soldiers for a democratic society\
the total defeat of us military and political strategy in vietnam\
the us can never escape from the labyrinth and sea of fire of peoples’ war\
total defeat in vietnam\
the collapse of the us government was imminent\
earlier, an american black nationalist in cuba had urged black soldiers to kill white soldiers\
us planes shot down over north vietnam\
to end the war\
right now the only way we’re going to build a white fighting force is if we become one ourselves. then the white kids across the country who’ve been way ahead of us – the kids who’ve been fighting – will know what we want them to join.\
“national action”\
october 8-11, 1969\
chicago, illinois\
quyet cheik quyet thang\
(dare to struggle, dare to win)\
we are members of a delegation of white american revolutionaries who have just returned from a meeting with representatives of the provisional revolutionary government of south vietnam (prg). the meeting took place in cuba, free territory of the americas.\
the prg delegates to the meeting explained to us the actual political and military situation in vietnam which has been systematically hidden from the american people by the nixon administration and the press. united states imperialism is being completely defeated in vietnam. militarily, the united states has been reduced to the desperate defense of its bases in the cities, combined with constant and indiscriminate bombings of the entire population. but the us bases are being successfully attacked and even inside the cities there are large sections where us troops cannot go.\
over 11 million out of south vietnam’s 34 million people are living in the liberated areas administered by the prg. because their war for self determination is a people’s war, there are 11 million soldiers fighting against us imperialism. representing the overwhelming majority of the vietnamese people the provisional revolutionary government is the legitimate government of south vietnam.\
no matterr how long us imperialism tries to hang on to south vietnam, it will lose. every day the war goes on means the death of more vietnamese and more american gis who have no interest in continuing the war. we are committing ourselves to intensifying the struggle against us aggression in vietnam and in support of the vietnamese people until all us troops leave vietnam. as people who are located inside the imperialist monster, we are in a position to do decisive damage to the american ruling class’s plans to continue and expand its world rule. the upcoming us defeat in vietnam will be a vital blow to those plans: we aim to do everything we can to speed up that defeat.\
as part of that struggle, students for a democratic society has called a demonstration in chicago which will take place from october 8th to october 11th. the demonstration in support of the prg will demand immediate withdrawal from vietnam and all other occupied areas, immediate release of all black and brown prisoners and all other political prisoners, independence for puerto rico, and an end to the income tax war surcharge. we ask everyone who supports the vietnamese people’s struggle to join us.\
she cradled the gun in her arms “wishing that an american plane would come over.”\
“it is love that feeds the inextinguishable hate against the united states” — a viet cong delegate to the 1968 ‘cultural congress of havana’\
“vietnam will win!” — the students for a democratic society\
a second front in chicago\
october 8-11, 1969\
as reported by the statistical section of the records and identification division of the chicago police department, 287 arrests occurred for various charges of mob action, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, aggravated battery and other offenses during the weatherman “days of rage” mob activity october 8 through 11, 1969. during this period 59 police officers sustained personal injury including abrasions, contusions, cuts and bruises on the arms, legs, groins, body and head; human bites on the arms and hands, loose teeth and injury to eyes and ears.\
on december 1 and 19, 1969, a special grand jury, cook county, illinois, returned indictments against 64 weathermen as a result of the street disorders, october 8-11, 1969, in chicago. the charges included aggravated battery, resisting arrest, mob action and aiding an escape.\
chicago 69\
kill or be killed\
we came to do material damage to pig amerika and all that it’s about — its school-jails, its pig armies, its fat businessmen, and its greedy empire. we came to do it in the road — in the open — so that white amerika could dig on the opening of a new front, on the birth of a new brigade in the world liberation army. we came to attack — because we know that the only things to defend in honkie amerika are the privileges — the cars, the apartments, the hotels, the tvs — that we’ve gained off the sweat of the people of the world. we came to vamp on those privileges and destroy the motherfuckers from the inside.\
help bring you down\
do not weep at sorrow. do not weep at separation. do not weep at death. save your tears for victory. we deeply mourn the death of ho chi minh by redoubling our struggle to end us aggression and to defeat imperialism. long live the victory of the vietnamese people.\
december, 1968\
armed struggle within the united states\
action-oriented revolution\
a very limited number of vb members have been trained in guerrilla warfare techniques, including use of arms and explosives\
february, 1970\
weatherman, mad dogs, women’s liberation and revolutionary youth movement 2\
race war in the states\
black revolution, with black against white, in armed struggle\
weatherman policy of engaging in assassinations and reprisal bombings\
by 1969, the students for a democratic society had split up into radical, violent groups like the weatherman\
cg t-18\
the international days of resistance or 10 days to shake the empire\
police tactics against students\
senate internal security subcommittee\
(cg t-31, 3/14/69)\
(cg t-32, 5/29/69)\
bringing down america\
5/21/70 a declaration of a state of war\
12/6/70 new morning-changing weather\
5/19/72 response to air war in north vietnam-bombing of pentagon\
9/10/74 oakland, california\
1/28/75 bombing of us department of state, washington, dc in protest of vietnam fighting\
9/5/76 salt lake city, utah\
a declaration of a state of war\
this is the first communication from the weatherman underground\
revolution is touching all of our lives\
revolutionary violence is the only way\
the insanity of amerikan “justice” has added to its list of atrocities six blacks killed in augusta, two in jackson and four white kent state students making thousands more into revolution\
we’re not hiding out but we’re invisible\
dope is one of our weapons\
millions of us are outlaws\
guns and grass are united in the youth underground\
september 15, 1970\
lsd and grass, like the herbs and cactus and mushrooms of the american indians and countless civilizations that have existed on this planet, will help us make a future world where it will be possible to live in peace\
soledad \
we are outlaws, we are free!\
pathet lao\
us bombers are now raining death\
the whole population of five northeastern provinces of south vietnam is being forcibly relocated to create a 60-mile wide free-fire zone for amerikan bombers\
tactical nuclear weapons\
war against the future\
new images\
we are all learning new ways to fight against the advanced repressive technology of the pigs\
our revolution is young. beautiful pathet lao banners, sisters marching strong, mobile forces, new people\
may 19, 1972\
national liberation front\
the clouds embrace the peaks, the peaks embrace the clouds. the river below shines like a mirror, spotless and clean. on the crest of the western mountain, my heart stirs as i wander, looking towards the southern sky and dreaming of old friends\
south vietnam was essentially the creation of the united states\
special war\
people will always remember you\
october 7, 1969\
december 6, 1969\
shooting deaths of illinois black panther leaders fred hampton and mark clark\
february 13, 1970\
new york city\
the time is now\
political power grows out of a gun\
october 6, 1970\
youth resistance\
black prisoners of war\
kids in new york city\
march 1, 1971\
us domination over the planet\
may 19, 1972\
drug abuse\
may 31, 1974\
los angeles\
early 1970\
these two individuals were killed while functioning in the underground\
(cg t-18, 2/14/68)\
they are not being paid because they are not honkeys who need to get paid in order to do something\
guns would be needed\
title 18, us code, section 1073, unlawful flight to avoid prosecution\
title 26, sections 5861 (d) and 5861 (j), us code, in connection with his purchase of dynamite in tucson\
debate is useless\
what’s happening is the people’s war\
the biggest organizer of the vietnam antiwar movement has been the viet cong\
the viet cong organized the mobilization and has organized us\
the us is losing\
december 5, 1969\
american revolution\
black liberation front\
black panther party\
viet cong\
most people who go to the hills, or who get very far into dope and music to escape the death trap, still think and act the way amerika taught them to. you see it in the selfish, hidden ways they treat each other, or in the insecurity of their kids. they feel isolated and defeated and they don’t see any way out, so they turn the desperation back on themselves\
you can let it all hang out case there is no chance of losing\
street actions\
we are the children of the future\
international assembly of revolutionary student movements\
“the weather underground” report of us senate committee on the judiciary, january 30, 1975, page 98\
all i can say is that this country is falling apart. whether we like it or whether we even know it now or not. and that there is no choice. there is absolutely no choice\
are you going to fight\
part of the liberalism of this country is the people believing that freedom of speech exists. it exists only to the time it is effective\
april, 1968\
tanks into the street\
problems of racism and in racial genocide in the united states will be brought before the united nations\
the us is losing in vietnam\
(cg t-62, 6/23/64)\
january 22-23, 1970\
december 27-31, 1969\
january 27, 1975\
saigon became a cracked mirror image of the worst of us culture: a haven for pimps, dope pushers, honda-riding cowboys, and a series of corrupt administrations bought by us dollars\
nothing is more precious than independence and freedom\
february 13, 1970\
it’s alright ma\
april (1970)\
december 16, 1969\
honky amerika\
weather bureau\
charges of conspiracy to blow up military installations, police stations, educational facilities and various public buildings\
killed in the explosion of a wuo bomb factory in new york in early 1970\
t-18, 7/69\
palestine liberation organization\
us senate subcommittee june 18 1976\
the washington free press\
summer of 1971\
(sds) aims at dismantling of the industrial structure and abolition of the wage-labor system and at world revolution\
september 29, 1969, a charter arms revolver, .38 caliber, serial #50304; a radom model p .359mm gun, serial #l2133; a colt model commander, .38 caliber, serial #vt 13510; echasa model mab, .32 caliber, serial #37922; and a wards westernfield 16-gauge shotgun, serial #v80091\
the time for revolution in the united states was “now”\
december, 1969\
provisionary revolutionary staff\
los angeles area\
the democratic republic of vietnam\
requested sds participation\
24th anniversary of the dropping of an atomic bomb on nagasaki, japan\
motor city sister in north vietnam\
conspiracy 8\
algeria meeting with exiled black panther party leader eldridge cleaver\
photographs of communist leaders and slogans of revolutionists which advocate overthrow of the us government and which advocate the power of the gun\
we are the americong\
tomorrow we will move on the high schools of chicago, free our brothers and sisters\
war crimes trials wherein the us is to be accused of committing war crimes in\
did not wish to submit to interview by the fbi\
during march, 1970 it was determined that the “weather bureau” which controlled the wuo at the time had recently met wherein a split had developed among the national leadership as to the course of weatherman activities. one group supported the view that the time for action is now and that weatherman should proceed to implement their underground strategy of strategic sabotage by using bombs, explosives and guns to attack the establishment and in particular police and military installations. this group believes weatherman will learn and develop the technical skills required in the use of bombs and explosives out of sheer necessity\
dow chemical company, washington, d.c.\
a girl called “merc” attended a meeting of the new york sds on december 5, 1969, and is a member of that group\
the vietnamese had stated they would be interested in having any information which could be furnished to them concerning the development of new weapons by the us\
brookline, massachusetts garage, where explosives and alleged revolutionary materials were located\
after taking control of the sds, the weatherman (wuo) occupied the sds national office located at 1601 west madison street, chicago, illinois, from mid-june, 1969, until they abandoned the location during february, 1970, when the organization submerged into an underground status. because the wuo feared that the rival progressive labor party, whom they had expelled from sds during the june, 1969, national convention, might attempt to seize the national office, they limited office employees to individuals who were followers of their ideology\
because the wuo’s encouragement of violence on the weeks that preceded the “national action” was so great, most other “new left” organizations openly or passively denounced the proposed riots\
pittsburgh 26\
south hills high school\
police order to move off of a city street\
the wuo’s last open meeting held prior to their submergence into an underground status in early 1970 was their “flint, michigan war council” held december 27-31, 1969. it was at this meeting that the decision was made to go underground and to engage in guerrilla warfare against the us government. as with their “days of rage” virtually all of the attendees at this meeting were either wuo members or were highly sympathetic to their ideology. the following individuals, who are mentioned in this document, are known to have attended this convention:\

various titles: lyrics excerpted/remixed from you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows, new left notes, june 18, 1969, submitted by karin asbley, bill ayers, bernardine dohrn, john jacobs, jeff jones, gerry long, home machtinger, jim mellen, terry robbins, mark rudd and steve tappis / prairie fire, bernadine dohrn, billy ayers, jeff jones, celia sojourn, for the weather underground / weather underground communiques // other material: fbi weatherman underground summary foi documents // imaginary flag of the communist republics of america by oren neu dag // weather underground logo: weather underground, public domain, via wikimedia commons // weather underground 041423 ben tyree, guitar / dave treut, guitar / dave unger, guitar