soul outlaw

soul outlaw maxi-single
soul outlaw i’m a soul outlaw / it’s alright ma / soul outlaw free rock & roller / 13:01 rocker full on / that’s the way i roll / midnight to midnight / international / full on loaded / on the road solo / oh no oh yeah it’s cold cold cold / cold rock the house / right on / everything that i stole came from a black hole / get blown away motherfucker / you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows / full on / soul outlaw / don’t need a country / your petty morals don’t apply to me / coke and heroin / i wanna fuck your girlfriend / weather underground organization / i live in a crack home with a hacked gun / don’t get back on counterrevolution / i’m a soul outlaw / i never sold out / up against the wall motherfucker / soul outlaw / a hard rain is gonna fall