fuck the rolling stones "i was also digging rock's lps too / i loved the lo-fi tracks from rock / fuck the rolling stones. it's a whole new genre mumblecore vendetta rock is he going band by band? when can i expect fuck pink floyd? not certain that i've ever heard anything like it before" – us college radio
rock / usadown "a free noise clinic in a single 47-minute composition . . . whenever a structure becomes apparent, the duo shifts directions at breakneck speed to deconstruct the inherent qualities of structure. it's very cool stuff, man" – phoenix new times
rock / usadown "if you are old enough to remember hendrix high and chewing on stage while performing the anthem with his super distorted fender, just imagine him doing the same in a waaaaay less composite and orderly way and with a ton more drugs in his body" –
rock / usadown "i don't know what the fuck this is, but it sure as hell doesn't sound like music to me! this cd is one track (not a song, a track, let's be clear on this!) that goes on for forty seven minutes (although i could only stand it for less than half that time!). all it is, is a bunch of guitar distortion and feedback with a few musical notes thrown in. it sounds like joe johnson (the so called guitarist) is running a razor blade across the guitar string the whole time! forty seven minutes of this! does he really think anyone wants to hear a whole cd's worth of feedback? give me a break! this is the new american national anthem? if it is, I'm leaving the country!" – ballbuster hard music
love 666 "the most important underground band in america" – alternative press
love 666 "...get a load of love 666’s post-white panther manifestos — a boundless array of screeds that are pro-drug, pro-violence and anti-just about everything else — and you may find yourself on the frontlines of the class war the band seems so intent on fomenting. guitarist joe johnson’s emphatic string-wrestling imbues the band’s self-titled debut with the sort of metallized sun ra spaciness that characterized kick out the jams, a texture underscored by dave unger’s distorted sine-wave keyboards. it’s an extremely oppressive combination, but then again, you wouldn’t expect breezy beer-commercial backing when a foam-flecked maniac is egging you on with words of wisdom like “fuck the man and fuck his plan... if you want to thank him for all that he’s done/blow his fucking head off with your right to own a gun.” this really ain’t no party, no disco, no foolin’ around... so which side are you on?" – trouser press
notes pretty sure it was alternative press, as i remember reading it in a print copy in tower records, but not 100% sure. the trouser press review seems to imply that my vocals were featured on 'fuck the man', but those are angel's vocals. also, it's "blow his motherfucking head off with your right to own a gun". there is a great review referring to love 666 as "musical terrorists" and describing the complete absence of melody, harmony and rhythm but i can't find it – dave