dave unger worked in the washington, d.c area as a jazz pianist and commercial musician, while developing original music, recording and releasing independent records and performing locally and regionally with indie rock bands. after dropping out from a master’s program in composition at peabody conservatory, he formed love 666, with angel (drums) and joe johnson (guitar) in 1993. guitarists bill longhorse and gary mono later played with love 666. the band developed a free improvisatory style characterized by a) the conscious attempt of the individual players to avoid listening to each other and playing ‘together’ while improvising, and b) the deliberate use of fragments of prearranged material as an integral component of the improvisation. love 666 recorded and released an eponymous debut album, then signed with amphetamine reptile records and released several singles and two records, american revolution and please kill yourself so i can rock. a third record, nashville sounds, was rejected by the label. an exact copy of nashville sounds became dave unger’s first solo record using the band name rock, titled rock on baby through the american night. love 666 toured extensively in the us and europe.
mostly based in nyc since the late 90s, dave continued to record and tour with rock and joe johnson’s band, usadown. in the 2000s, he created a set of sample-based recordings and conceptual art based on the music of the rolling stones, components of which were initially released in late 2022, including a double lp, fuck the rolling stones. weather underground is the first in a series of semi-documentary multimedia projects focusing on revolutionary organizations, also to include black panther party and red army faktion. latest action: weather underground mix tape format release, june 2023 initial release of fuck the rolling stones, special military operation project initial phase release including textual remixes of cia operation chaos and operation aerodynamic material. new band: l666, first single l6661 I live evil released on muteant sounds 011824