fuck the rolling stones

started out as some demos, one or two songs made it online, kevin rutmanis, bass player for the cows, said it was ‘genius’ – or something. then all the tracks were sitting on a hard drive for a really long time but i didn’t know i actually had them, what they were, etc., except i knew there were a couple of mixes saved. then in december 2022 i wanted to release the title track song, started rerecording it, trying to find the old tracks, etc. it was part of a reaction to the rolling stones sampling project i did, the final statement. a follow-up record to exile on main street by pussy galore. but – sometime around new year’s, i found a whole bunch of tracks, remixed them, started editing them, etc., finally i realized what it is. some of the songs are straight ballads with one or two chords, some white noise, but the stuff i’m really into is like, multiple guitars, out of sync, it’s a way of doing free rock & roll music without heavy duty guitar destruction, smashing the drums, which is also cool, but this is like, you can just do it anywhere with a 2-track. and it gives a whole other vibe and also lets you do a whole lot of other songs, that you can get the full energy without too much effort. as bon scott said, doing nothing means a lot to me. and it also connected up for me with a whole period of time that is connected to what i’m doing now, so it feels great and i hope you like it. america blues, come on people, it’s not a shot away, those are songs for the people, really and that’s like the most important thing for a rock musician. so i hope i can go on the road and play it for the people, it’ll be louder, probably use two guitars and two 100w marshalls with an svt cab, a sampler, and whatever cool musicians are happening
america blues yeah / first of all i’d like to say fuck you / to all the people that aren’t fighting anywhere / in los angeles / new york / to fight this unreality / that’s uh / you gotta fight every day like a war / so i say / fuck you man / get it together / and start having a revolution / it’s just a little thing / you gotta see / you gotta look around you and fight the unreality that you’re surrounded by / and all your friends / they’re not your friends / and all of the people you know / they’re not who you think they are / man, i’d like to just say / fuck you / to all the people who aren’t fighting this reality / to the draggin’ scene that’s going on / the draggin’ scene that’s going on / yeah man / yeah i’d like to say thank you / to all the people that’re fighting in uh new york and los angeles and vietnam / fighting against the total unreality / we can make it if we try / maybe, maybe not / i don’t really know / but i just know that uh / when you are surrounded by total plastic unreality
come on people come on people / join the revolution / yeah / hey man / everything's gonna be alright / come on people / try to get some freedom / come on people / pick up a machine gun
america blues lyrics contain modified excerpts from jimi hendrix’ spoken introduction to machine gun, band of gypsys, fillmore east, january 1, 1970 * soviet victory banner and weather underground logo public domain, via wikimedia commons / soviet era cassette tapes pexels-bulbfish-9264012 / building with sky pexels-ilker-genç-12766406 / building with pattern pexels-paul-h-15904191 / street scene pexels-collis-3056056